Lusk 2018 Fantasy NASCAR

To change a driver in your group, contact Sam Erlewine, 340-0506.

Dateline Sonoma, June 22, 2018: In League #1 PenDog dropped Jamie McMurray and added Aric Almirola ;
In League #2 Gap dropped Kasey Kahne and added Aric Almirola.

Dateline Phoenix, March 10, 2018: NASCAR fined Kevin Harvick a total of 27 driver points for car infractions at the Las Vegas race last week.
This point deduction will automatically be reflected after the race at Phoenix March 11.

Dateline Las Vegas, March 4, 2018: Attention, to avoid confusion in the ranks (!), driver total points for the year and your 2 driver team year to date (YTD) points are now being posted.
To see your driver's weekly points refer to, weekly results.

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