March 23, 2016___________________________________

A huge spring snow storm crashed into Wyoming on the evening of March 22 and swept across Niobrara overnight. All major highways were closed and remain so at the time of this writing. Local traffic is being allowed after being restricted early in the day. The moisture from this storm was just what Niobrara needed after a dry February, however calving activites are endangered by this monster strom...


March 25 & 26 - Good Friday, no school for Niobrara County Schools. School will be held March 28 because of snow day.

New events coming shortly..., we're rebuilding this page!

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Niobrara Birthdays presented by
Allbright's True Value
April Birthdays: April 1 - Kelly Stone, April 2 - Kiffani Skrukurd, Jim Cerha; April 3 - Sheila Tangney; April 4 - Keri Thompson, Breanna Bredthauer, Shelby Fitzwater; April 5 - Jim Kremers; April 6 - Jim Bonsell, Jeffrey Cruz; April 7 - Jennifer Thompson; April 8 - Ashley Burt, Jake Reed, April 10 - Walt Wasserburgr; April 11 - Robert Lancaster, Kurt Lancaster; April 12 - Allison Rhodes, Jordan Price, Gail Santistevens; April 13 - Ken DeGering, Nellie Kratzer; April 15 - Emily Decker; Warren Broyles; April 17 - Darrell Frye - April 18 Al Titchener; Deb Sassman; April 19 - Amber Christainson; April 20 - Laura Waldock; April 21 - Phyllis Hahn, Jessica Bruegger; April 22 - Jeff McElroy; Ron Matthews; April 23 - Larry Mohnsen; Donna Parmley, Tom Bartelt; April 24 - Dixie Blaney; Noel Santisteven; April 25 - Mike Carlson; April 26 - Matt Dockery, Steve Kant; Samantha Woodington; April 28 - Lacey Lingelbach, Kelly Fitzwater.

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Lusk Fantasy NASCAR League


Lusk Recycling Center Information
Hours: Monday - 8am to noon; Wednesday - 8am to noon
Friday - 8am to noon; Saturday - 10:00am to 2:00pm
The following items are accepted at the recycling center - plastic bottles, paper, glass, newspapers, computer paper must be separate, shredded paper,
cardboard boxes, office paper, magazines, catalogues, aluminum cans, steel cans (tin).
The recycling center is located next to the EMT barn off of West Daley Street.

Library Hours
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday.


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