February 16 - Middle School Concert, LEMS Gym, 7:00.

February 17 - Middle School Basketball, Glenrock at Lusk.

February 18 - Early release for LEMS grades K-5, 1:30.

February 19 - Middle School Boys Basketball SEWAC Tourney at Burns; TBA, High School Girls Basketball C Squad & High Shool Boys Basketball at Glendo.

February 20 - High School Girls & Boys Basketball @ Saratoga; High School Wrestling, Regionals at Hulett.

February 21 - Middle School Boys Basketball, SEWAC Tourney at Burns.

February 23 - High School Girls & Boys Basketball Play-in-Game.

February 26 thru February 28 -TBA High School Girls & Boys Basketball Regional Tourney at Big Horn; NCHS Speech & Debate, Hole-In-The-Wall Tourney at Spearfish, S.D.

February 27 & 28 - High School Wrestling, State Tourney at Casper; No School For Niobrara County Schools.

March 1 - Annual 4- Point Pitch Tournament at Lost Springs, 12 noon.

March 5 thru March 9 - Spring Break for Niobrara County Schools; High School Girls & Boys Basketball, State at Casper.

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It's that time of year in Niobrara, calving season is in full swing on many ranches....

The weather has been up and down! Much of January was very cold with some snow, the past 2 weeks have seen nice high temps in the 50's, but over the weekend we got hit with another blast of cold. Above, earlier, standing water after snow melt, below the Mule Creek Juntion rest area last Saturday as seen through the fog....

Niobrara Birthdays presented by
Allbright's True Value
February 17 - Bob Lancaster; February 18 - Gail Manke, Mattie Pfister; February 19 - Tom Morton; February 20 - Zack Adair; February 21 - Casey Craggs, Dale Jefcoat, Jim Thorbjornsen, Moose Thompson; February 22 - Dax Dockery, Jon Mellott, Deb Girone; February 23 - Dorothy Jordan, Terry Williams, Jim DeVoe; February 24 - Regina Prather, Ron Meier; February 25 - Harold Miller; February 26 - Ria Engebretsen, Dennis Meier, Brandie Bartelt; February 28 - Carla Reed, Dani Dooper, Judy Johannson. March 2 - Arvid Lerud, Betty Oehlert; March 3 - Les Gordon, Cory Wilcox; March 5 - Ed Rapp, Liz Kaltenhauser, Curtis Christianson, Danny Tadewald, Kristen Haynes, Brayden Frye, Chris Klemme; March 6 - Idy Bramlet; March 7 - Kaleen James; March 8 - Dale Fullerton; March 10 - Tammy Bonsell; March 11 - Shelley Kant, Sam Erlewine; March 12 - Ryan Rapp, Jim Kingma; March 13 - Audrey Pfister, KaciJo Skrukurd; March 14 - Beth Gilbert; March 15 - Natasha Doyle, Twila Barnette, Rosemary Tadewald; March 16 - Jay Doyle; March 17 - Verlene Matney, Pat Gardnar; March 18 - Sean Wasserburger, Traci Ann Zerbe; March 19 - Janet Ningen, Sharron Clarke, Quinton Gibson, Wil Bolden, Verle Ellis, Jerry Owens; March 20 - Carmen Weeks, Joseph Kinchen, Andy Nelson, Velma Butler; March 21 - Linda Mitts, Eldon Alexander; March 22 - Patsy Schutt, Brenden Weymouth, Dale Gunn, Shannon Haynes, Carmen Bone, Eli Nelson, Joanne Thorbjornsen; March 23 - Lynn Rising, Edie Wilson, Cheri Thompson, Rick Long; March 24 - Jeff VanGundy; March 25 - Dean Nelson, JD Wasserburger; March 27 - Sue Johnson; March 28 - Larry Bone, March 29 - Klaus Krueger; March 30 - Candy Dooper, Madisyn Griffith, Paul Luker; March 31 Flora Mae Clark, Troy Hladky, Janice Sturman.

2015 Annual Spring
4 Point Pitch Tournament

February 15 - Lusk Elks ** March 1 -Lost Springs ** March 15 - Manville ** March 29 - The Pub **
April 12 - Lusk Elks ** April 26 - Silver Dollar ** May 3 - Lusk Liquor Store

If you are willing to admit you are all wrong when you are, you are all right. Anonymous


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Lusk Recycling Center Information
Hours: Monday - 8am to noon; Wednesday - 8am to noon
Friday - 8am to noon; Saturday - 10:00am to 2:00pm
The following items are accepted at the recycling center - plastic bottles, paper, glass, newspapers, computer paper must be separate, shredded paper, cardboard boxes, office paper, magazines, catalogues, aluminum cans, steel cans (tin).
The recycling center is located next to the EMT barn off of West Daley Street.

Library Hours
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Overheard in a local water-hole, "You know, I spent a fortune on deodorant before I realized that people didn't like me anyway.."

OK sometimes ya gotta have fun in the winter, this ice formation built up on a wheel during recent storm...

NEA crews performing work on a power line recently...

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A thoughtful way to keep the cows from opening your mailbox in rural Niobrara...

Two unique aspects of life in Niobrara...

“The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.” Abigail Van Buren

Back by popular demand! Gold in the Black Hills!

During the entire month of January 1877, Superintendent Luke Voorhees was out over the line inspecting equipment and livestock, establishing new stations, and checking the roads.

Under his supervision at that time, the stages between Custer and Deadwood were routed over a new toll road by the way of Mountain City, instead of over the old road through Golden. This route, for the most part followed the old stage road.

Although scheduled to leave Cheyenne every other day, the six-house stages left for Custer City semi-weekly until February 12, 1877, when a tri-weekly schedule was put into effect.

At this time, the stage company decided to patronize home industry and ordered a set of harness from G.H. & J.S. Collins of Cheyenne. The "six-horse harness, with elegant nickle-plate trimmings, "made by the local firm, was said to be the "finest set of harness ever manufactured west of the Mississippi river." It was used on the run between Cheyenne and Pole Creek station.

During the early months of 1877, Cheyenne’s hotels: The Inter-Ocean, Railroad house, Delmonico, Western, Simmons, Dyer’s, Lone star and others, were crowded to overflowing with military men attending the court martial at Fort D.A. Russell, which was held as a result of the disregard of General Crook’s orders in the recent Indian campaign Too the lobbies were thronged with freighters, ranchmen, settlers, a never ceasing stream of gold-seekers, and surveying parties. General J.A. Evans arrived with a party to begin a preliminary survey of a proposed railway from Cheyenne to the Black Hills.

This steady tide of newcomers to the "Magic City" meant increasing business to the Cheyenne and Black Hills stage company, as many of the visitors went north.

Organized society had not been able to keep up with the flood of Hills immigration. Much lawlessness prevailed. Marauding bands of Sioux kept up continual attacks on cattle trains, ran off horses, and killed cattle belonging to ranchmen. In February and March, the forays were particularly numerous in the Deadwood vicinity.

Evidence often pointed to the fact that white banditti were committing many of the crimes for which the red men were being blamed. For instance, after two mail carriers were killed and scalped on the road between Fort Laramie and Red Cloud, it was found that only the registered mail had been pilfered from the mail sacks. And when a band of horses was stampeded from a corral on the stage road between Cheyenne and Fort Laramie, a telegraph operator at the stage station, called General Crook’s attention to the fact that the thieves had, by means of a duplicate key, unlocked the gates of the corral! Heap smart Injuns!

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