January 5 - School resumes for Niobrara County Schools.

January 6 - High School Wrestling Newcastle/Upton at Lusk; High School Girls & Boys Basketball at Newcastle.

January 9 & 10 - High School Girls & Boys Basketball at Big Horn Tournament; High School Wrestling at Douglas Tournament; High School Speech & Debate at Cheyenne Central.

January 16 & 17 - NCHS Speech & Debate at Kelly Walsh.

January 16 - High School Wrestling at Newcastle Invitational; High School Girls & Boys Basketball at Lingle.

January 17 - Middle School Boys Basketball, North Quad at Lingle; Hiigh School Girls & Boysl Basketball, Burns at Lusk.

January 19- High School Freshman Girls & Boys Basketball, Guernsey Tournament.

January 20 - High School Girls & Boys Basketball C Squad at Torrington; Middle School Basketball at Guernsey.

January 22 - Middle School Basketball, Newcastle at Lusk.

January 23 & 24 - High School Speech & Debate at Gillette.

Januay 23- High School Girls & Boys Basketball at Southeast.

January 24 - High School Wrestling, Moorcroft Invitational; High School Girls & Boys Basketball, Pine Bluffs at Lusk.

January 27 - Middle School Basketball, Southeast at Lusk.

January 28 - Early release for Niobrara County Schools K - 5.

January 29 - Middle School Basketball at Harrison.

January 30 & 31- High School Wrestling at Belle Fourche Tournament; High School Speech at Casper Natrona.

January 30 - High School Girls & Boys Basketball, Saratoga at Lusk.

January 31 - High School Girls & Boys Basketball, Guernsey at Lusk.

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Like much of the nation, Niobrara is in full winter dress, including the roads and highways....

Niobrara Birthdays presented by
Allbright's True Value
January 1 - Dan Wade, Laura Matthews; January 2 - Geneva Burke, Payton Stallman; January 3 - PeeWee Allbright, Bobbi Brooks; January 4 - Lindsay Gill, Marvin Hammer; January 6 - Chuck Pearson, Martin Joss; January 8 - Brett Dockery, Jeff Wasserburger; January 10 - Greta Ayers, Marvin Miller, Craig Thulin, Janice Hales, Annastacia Prince; January 12 - Mary Predmore, Dick Price; January 13 - Sandy Serres, Kevin & Kraig Christianson, Suzanne Price, Kallie J. Vuller, Stan Brewster, Cathy Dearinger; January 14 - Davi Scott, Shana Fitzwater, Niki Daniels, Neil Graves, Keith Lemons; January 15 - Shirley Hladky, Sandy Arnett, Matthew Penfield; January 16 - Don Larson, Barb Frye, Chance Weiser; January 17 - Robert Brown, John Thayer, David VanGundy; January 18 - Ed Boner, Jonathan Pischel, Greg Bryant, Devin Haas; January 19 - Jack Garner; January 20 - Fred Walker, Pat Russell, Wanda Foote; January 21 - Allison Luchsinger, JoAnn Wade; January 22 - Heather Hawley, Tabatha Jenkins; January 23 - Carol Swartz; January 24 - Kyle Thompson; January 25 - Joyce Parmely; January 26 - Mary Roetman; January 27 - Pat Miller; January 29 - Gayle Johnson, Sean Dreesen; January 30 - Franklin Manke; January 30 - Dennis Gulley.

“Learn to be alone and to like it. There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.” ? Mandy Hale


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The business people of any area are the backbone of the community. They provide the jobs, pay the taxes and supply the goods and services. Often they are the first ones asked to give to a local club, organization, or school project..., and they always do! Without local businesses, a town would be just a place. It's the local businesses and the people working there that make the place a community!
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Lusk Recycling Center Information
Hours: Monday - 8am to noon; Wednesday - 8am to noon
Friday - 8am to noon; Saturday - 10:00am to 2:00pm
The following items are accepted at the recycling center - plastic bottles, paper, glass, newspapers, computer paper must be separate, shredded paper, cardboard boxes, office paper, magazines, catalogues, aluminum cans, steel cans (tin).
The recycling center is located next to the EMT barn off of West Daley Street.

Library Hours
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn

Beaver dam or just a natural pile up of material? We don't know but it can be found on Lance Creek...

As you can tell by the low quality of the photo, this Niobrara Muley did not want to hang around for a photo opp...,
we've seen 12 to 15 large mule deer since hunting season ended...

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Looking back at 2014 from Niobrara Online...

January... The new Niobrara Conservation District building being constructed at the site of the old Yellow Hotel...


March... A combination of quickly warmer weather and the fact that the frost was still "in" created a series of melting events that had Niobrara's attention (and still does!). These are photos of the Niobrara River as it leaves Lusk beside US Highway 20, and further east at the Lusk Airport turnoff on Friday, March 7th......


April....The new Lusk swimming pool construction is coming right along, although the photos can be somewhat confusing.
Workers tell us that the believe the project to be right on schedule....


May... Recent wet snow storms have the country really "wet" with small areas of flooding in some pastures...


June... A large branding in the Hat Creek Breaks area...


July... And speaking of good grass, ranchers and farmers are haying in places they haven't touched for years...


August... As the signs at a busy corner in Lusk show, it's politics season in Niobrara with the county primary election August 19....


September...The 2014 Pony Express ride was held recently from Plezal (in southeast Niobrara) to Lusk. A special riderless horse was used to carry the mail on the last stage honoring Tuffy Schrader, long time Express supporter. The mail was brought to the Lusk Post Office and hand stamped with the Pony Express stamp before going into the US mail....

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

Back by popular demand! Gold in the Black Hills!

The Mail Goes Through…As if to inaugurate a year of transportation, Governor John M. Thayer celebrated new year’s day, 1877, by riding through the streets of Cheyenne in a carriage drawn by four milk white oxen in harness, driven by one Dexter.

With assurance of the legal opening of the Black Hills in the immediate future, there came an unprecedented material development and a resultant influx of thousands of persons into Wyoming and Dakota. Henceforth for a decade there was an incessant rumble of stage and freight wheels in and out of the "Magic City of the Plains."

The tomahawk and arrow gave way to the rim fire Henry, Winchester, Sharps, and Colt. The war whoop soon was replaced by the clipped command of "Hands Up!"

And because the Cheyenne and Black Hills Stage and Express line endeavored to carry so much material wealth across a stretch of unsettled country, it was harassed for the next two years by bands of as brazen and daring road agents as ever infested a new gold rush region.

Those months and years of the late ‘seventies, taxed the courage and skill of the stage faring men and called for a display of stamina such as only pioneers of their caliber possessed.

It was little wonder though that the palms itched with greed, as reports were sent broadcast concerning the gold in the Hills. In glowing terms the press descrive the marvelous strikes being made, the fabulous prices being paid for claims, and recited in detail the amounts of various shipments of bullion and dust as the y reached Cheyenne over the stage line.

Billie Gay, a passenger, owner of some of the richest placer mines in the black Hills, was said to be wearing a "watch chain about two feet long composed entirely of gold nuggets from the size of a pea up to the size of a hickory nut, with two or three larger ones for pendants.

One gold bullion button carried by stage from Nichols & Haven, owners of the Father De Smet mine and mill at Golden Gate, near Deadwood, to Stebbins, Post and Company in Cheyenne, was reported to "weigh one hundred and fifty-six ounces and to be valued at three thousand dollars."

The treasure box of the Cheyenne and Black Hills coach, which reached Cheyenne on January 21 was said to contain "thirty thousand dollars in gold dust." On January 26, it had twenty-five thousand dollars in Deadwood gold.

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