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August 15 - Last day to order peaches for Niobrara County Libraray fundraiser, contact the library for info.

August 9 thru 16 - Wyoming State Fair.

August 16 - Lusk Elks Golf Tournament.

August 25 - First Day of School for Niobrara County Schools.

August 30 - High School Football Scrimmage vs. Burns.

September 1 - Labor Day, no school for Niobrara County Schools.

September 4 - High School Volleyball JV vs. Edgemont.

September 5 - High School Football. vs Burlington.

September 6 -Middle School Volleyball North Quad @ Lingle.

September 5 & 6 - High School Volleyball, Saratoga Tournament.

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As the signs at a busy corner in Lusk show, it's politics season in Niobrara with the county primary election August 19....

Niobrara Birthdays presented by
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August 1 - Everette Kilmer; August 2 - Darlene VanGundy, Willis Stallman; August 3 - Geraldine Hineman; August 4 - Wini Bryant, Florance Potter; August 5 - Barb Penfield, Sandy Thomas; August 6 - Lisa Pischel; August 8 - Rex Tollman. Bob Stoddard, Bob Parmley; August 10 - Evelyn Perry; August 11 - Nicholas Johnson, Terry Griffith, Dusty Crisman, August 12 - Casey Tadewald, Danie Davies, Shannon Bruegger, Carmine Girone; August 13 - Deb Scott, Jess Walduck, Beau Greenough, Larry Brooks; August 14 - Dan Vetter; August 15 - Rex Schoultz, Casey Jensen; August 16 - Barbara Lendman, Dan Pannett; August 17 - Kim Walters, Terry Larson, Kayce Bruegger; August 18 - Rod Jones, Betty Redfield; August 19 - Randy Rose, Chuck Bruch, Michal West; August 20 - Travis Fitzwater, Tom Parker; August 21 - Theresa Modine; August 22 - Rowdy Sides; August 23 - Tracy Johnson, Kendra & Kyle Stallman, Melanie Burke, R.J. Maththews, Josh Decker; August 24 - Ramon Jenkens; August 25 - Cody Thompson; August 27 - Wendy Lemons, Chris Norberg; August 28 - Polly Erlewine, Ashley Christianson.

Some images of the new Tiger Plunge...


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Lusk Fantasy NASCAR League

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Lusk Recycling Center Information
Hours: Monday - 8am to noon; Wednesday - 8am to noon
Friday - 8am to noon; Saturday - 10:00am to 2:00pm
The following items are accepted at the recycling center - plastic bottles, paper, glass, newspapers, computer paper must be separate, shredded paper, cardboard boxes, office paper, magazines, catalogues, aluminum cans, steel cans (tin).
The recycling center is located next to the EMT barn off of West Daley Street.

Library Hours
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

And it's on... the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is underway and Niobrara is seeing lots of bikes...

"Money cannot buy happiness, but it's more comfortable to cry in a Corvette than on a bicycle."

Landscaping at the new Niobrara Soil Conservation building looks nice!

The Niobrara County Fair was a big success with great weather...

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I love criticism, as long as it is good. Noel Coward

Back by popular demand! Gold in the Black Hills!

When the road was very crooked, winding around projecting rocks, the whacker or skinner often could not see the leader. In such cases the wagon boss or his assistant, or perhaps another driver would be stationed at the proper place to prevent a unit from going over a cliff.

When the ground was soft or there was sand in abundance, a driver would make a new trail to the left or the right of the old trail in order to strike sod, or heavy, hard hillside. Such maneuvers might take the outfit anywhere from a half-mile to two or three miles off the main trail, and sometimes when the discovery was made that the new route was better than the old one, it would be used by every outfit that followed, until it, too, was badly cut to pieces. Then all outfits would either return to the original trail or seek a new one. These changes frequently were made at the approaches to streams where it was necessary to ford.

Sometimes bull teams took a long midday rest from nine or ten in the morning until three or four in the afternoon and then, if the night were clear, would keep going until long after dark. In the first days of the gold rush there was plenty of grass near the road on the rolling hills. Oxen depended upon buffalo grass for food.

As the number of teams on the road increased and feed near at hand became scarce, many of the freighters were forced to carry hay and grain for their stock. In the winter time it was necessary to put the stock up at feed stables along the way. Oxen were used chiefly in late spring and summer and early fall, when the mud was less and grass was plentiful.

When it was necessary to make dry camps, that is, camps away from water, the freighters carried barrels of water from the last spring or creek for cooking purposes and drove the work stock ahead to the next water.

The regular "stops" for the bull teams were: Cheyenne-along Crow creek, Nine Mile or "Dry ravine," Fred Schwartze’s ranch on Pole creek, Horse creek, Bear springs, Chugwater, McFarlane’s, Chimney Rock ... continued next edition!

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